Thursday, 30 May 2013

Mauerpark - Berlin

Before Midnight (Carnival Night 1)

At the moment I'm trying to focus on people in my photography - and these lovely people have been in the front of my camera lately (some is loving it more than others, some make more up to the camera than others... Hence the many posts of the same people). A little tip: click on the photo, then it comes up with a black background and it's easier to focus on one photo at a time.

 Jesper and Mathias



Grill in the Park



By the Spree


 Sarah is demonstrating...

People's Kitchen Neukölln




Thursday, 23 May 2013

Cycling Trip (2)

This is part 2. At the moment I am working on my portrait photography (and having lots of fun with different stiles of editing as well as the (naturally) different atmospheres a photo can express due to different colour schemes.

Cycling Trip (1)

On Whit Monday Sarah, Mathias (two Danes), Jesper (from Sweden) and I, went on a little cycling trip in East Berlin. This is part 1 of the photographic results.